My share buttons don’t show up

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    I tried to enable sharing all through my blog, but I’m only getting the share buttons on my About, Contact and Submission pages. I think I should be seeing the share option under each blog posting. Does anyone know what I’ve done wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Wilson. Your sharing options do show up on your posts too, but only when you view them individually.

    If you would like them to show up on your homepage too, go to Settings > Sharing > Show sharing buttons on Posts, Pages and Index pages.


    Airodyssey, I tried that, and still the share buttons didn’t come up on the homepage…


    OK, now it does work. Go figure :)
    Thanks, Airodyssey!



    Not sure I get the point of that because I rarely, if ever, click on a post to view it individually. Seems it’s okay for long posts that have a “more” link but pretty useless for short posts and photos.


    The are just options, that is all. If they showed everywhere then someone would be requesting to get rid of it on the blog main page because it looked tacky in their opinion.

    Options. Chose the one you want.

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