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My showcase thread got moved to wronge forum

  1. Hello, My showcase thread titled 'I read other people's blogs..' got moved to the off topic forum. although some people don't read the thread and just assume it is a random open-ended question.... It is not.
    It IS my showcase thread started explicitly with the intention of promoting my most recent posts and inviting people to visit my blog personally. I update this thread everytime I post a topic. It is clear from my first post onward what the intentions of my thread are, and I used the correct forum.

    Can someone please move my thread back where it belongs? Thank you so much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If this is it then it's flagged to be moved to the Showcase Forum >

  3. THere's already a thread where you're supposed to post a link to your most recent posts. Staff generally close the others or tack them on to the end of that thread.

  4. Thread moved back to the showcase forum,

    I don't know who moved the thread... I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

  5. @rain The showcase forum mas created partially because that thread was getting quite long. As stated in this response from staff

  6. @sl1k
    It was I who flagged the thread to have it moved to the Off-Topic Forum. I looked at the title and length of the thread and assumed it was better placed there. Thank you for moving it back. My apology to lifewith4cats.

  7. Thanks All,
    I asked earlier (in a different thread) if I ought to drop this showcase thread because of its legnth and start another.

    the answer I got to my question was Keep my thread. So I am going to keep this going except in cases where I wish to start a conversation over, like a topic thats not just about cats. That was also advised to me.

    But Im a newb at heart and am always open to advise and constuctive critisism. If it is thought best to drop this thread, let me know. If timethief thinks I would be better off I will do it in a heartbeat.

  8. Due to my vague answer above to rain to clear up any confusion it may cause I was referring top this thread →

    I knew rain would know what thread I was referring to but didn't take into count others not realizing which thread I was referring to...

    @TT Oh okay thanks for letting me know... = )

  9. @lifewith4cats

    You're welcome! = )

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