My side bar has fallen down to the bottom?

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    I’ve got a blog ( that uses cutline as its theme. Everything has been just peachy. This AM I added a new post and suddenly all the things in the sidebar (recent posts, tag cloud, etc) have fallen to the bottom of the blog instead of being in the right hand column. Did i do something to make this happen? The type size for earlier (but not the most recent) entries also changed–it got larger. Thoughts?





    PS. Only the front page has done this. Other pages are fine. For what that is worth…..


    You’re “perishable Parenthood, II post has some strange coding in it. Did you by chance copy it in from anohter source such as Word or perhaps the web?

    Open the post for edit, copy all the text out, delete everything that is there, then paste it back in using the “paste as plain text” icon on the extended toolbar.



    Dear Julie,

    I have the exact same problem and have had since last week.

    My blog is and I use Mozilla Firefox as a browser (don’t know if this matters).

    The top of the screen is normal, but under the title of the top post, the rest is gray with a tiny smiley face resting on the white-gray border. The sidebar as fallen to the bottom side.

    Additionally, I was looking at different themes on WordPress’ presentation options today and every theme where there was supposed to be a sidebar appeared with the sidebar fallen to the bottom.

    Obviously this is very disconcerting.

    I am posting here as the topic is related in hopes that someone can help me. There is no one thing that I did out of the usual for it to happen, it just started one day when I posted as usual. (Nothing new downloaded, regular virus scans coming up clean, etc.)

    Help would be very much appreciated.




    It looks like you have it fixed now.



    I guess it was something in that last post–perishable parenting II. I didn’t copy it, but I did fiddle with it a lot. Anyway, I took it down and all was better. And now I’ve put it back up (retyped) and it is still fine. So thanks. Must have been something I did. You live and you learn.



    Set your blog to display only 1 post on the main page (options > reading) and go through them one at a time. If you have copied something in from the web to one of your posts it may have brought in some code that is causing the issue.


    You’re welcome.

    Sometimes when you do a lot of formatting I’ve noticed things can get messed up. On the extended tool bar, there is a button that looks like a brush. If you hover your mouse over it it will say “clean up messy code.” If you highlight all your text and then click that button it will typically straighten up most problems but sometimes it may undo a bit of formatting which you can then fix.



    The Sacredpath,

    At this point my blog has looked like this for several days now. How do I know what to look for or what to fix if I do go through the posts one by one? If I dismantle I blog in this way, I want to be as efficient as possible about it and have it stalled for a short a time as possible.

    Why would it be different for different browsers?

    And is there a way to get responses e-mailed or shall I just keep checking back.

    Thanks for your time and input, Thesacredpath.




    There is no way to get replies from forum volunteers emailed. You need to keep checking.

    Browsers display content differently; that is just their nature.

    By going through the posts one by one you should be able to see all the ones that are fine and the one that is causing the problem. Then you only need to fix that one.

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