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My Sidebar disapeared!!!

  1. Ok, for some odd reason my sidebar isn't showing up on the blog. All my items are there when I go to my Widgit but when you look at the site it's not there.

    Any idea where it went???

  2. It probably has an image in one of the posts that is too wide for the theme. I can't really tell you though unless you give us the URL of your blog.


  3. I don't get a page with that URL.....


  4. /nod to trent.
    Is this your blog? I clicked the link above but that didn't seem to work.

    If that is it, I think it's the image in your Nov 24 cake testing post. It's bigger than the width your blog allows. If you reduce the size of that - and perhaps the image in your sidebar as well - then hopefully that will fix it.

    What browser are you using, btw? I see the sidebar just fine in Firefox and IE7.

  5. Ahhhh, maybe it is the post...

    I'm using internet explorer and I can't see it. I'll try reducing the post-pic and see what happens.

    How do I make my sidebar image smaller? A forum volunteer helped me get it in the sidebar so I don't want to mess with the link they gave me...

  6. If you look in your widget you should see a part of the code beginning with img src. If you replace it with the code below, that should make it smaller. You can change the height and width to make it bigger or smaller as well, it's square so just make sure the dimensions match. Hope that helps. :)

    <img src="" height="180" width="180" />

  7. Yay!!! It worked it worked!!!

    Thanks cjwriter! u rock!

    Trent sorry I gave you the wrong url...duh on my end :)

  8. Glad it worked. Happy blogging! :)

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