My sidebar inflates if viewed with IE 5 !

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    One more difference between IE5 and FF!
    My theme is “Shocking Blue Green”. It looks great seen with FF. Viewed with IE 5, the right sidebar grows in width in a way that makes the whole blog look awful. Please have a look at this screenshots comparition:
    I am no expert at CSS, but anyway I tried to fix it up. No way, I’m already getting mad here.
    Any charitable soul out there able to throw me some help? Please!
    Many thanks.
    My blog is:


    IE5 is a real problem since so much of what has been happening on the web for the last 3 or so years has passed it by. IE6 is almost OK. IE5 is not at all recommended for working with WordPress since it doesn’t support many of the features and programming used in WordPress. The theme I’m using on my self-hosted blog is compatible with IE5, but if you look at the CSS, there is line after line after line after line of “hacks” that had to be implemented to accomodate IE5. In the next revision, my theme author will drop IE5 support altogether. It’s just too difficult to reach back that far.



    He ment IE6
    some kind of mistake

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