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My sidebar isn't appearing on my site

  1. hey guys, i just don't know why but my sidebar and the widgets are not appearing on my blog homepage.I already tried to change the theme but it is still in that way. Anyone experienced this? Please help. Tnx

  2. What's the link to your blog please, starting with http?

  3. Are you pasting copies from Word or elsewhere on the web by any chance? That usually causes problems.

    You can check these threads for suggestions:

    Also: what widgets are we supposed to see?

  4. nope. i just posted my last post last night with the YouTube video and I don't know why my sidebar and widgets are not visible whenever I open my homepage blog. The widgets are just usual, recent posts, blog stats etc.

  5. With the black letterhead theme, when there is some bad code in a post the sidebar disappears where in other themes, it moves down below the posts.

    Take a look at this FAQ:

  6. hey tnx! it's the read more tag! tnx for the help guys!

  7. Thanks tsp! Once again your knowledge of themes solves it.

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