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My sidebar messed up

  1. I don't know when I used certain themes like :
    My sidebar messed up into the downbar. It's really awful. Does anyone know why? It makes my themes choice get limiter.

  2. I just looked at your site and it looks fine, the current theme is Neat.

  3. It might be because you have a picture in your post that is to big for the theme, so it knocks the sidebar down.

  4. UH now it's fine but it happen at the past. And I don't any picture that might caused such thing happen.
    It's the sidebar becomes the side at the down. And I confuse at that time and now try to find out why.

  5. hey, i'm having the same prob, i'm using regulus and on my homepage, you'll see that the side bar gets pushed down and on every other page i've got its perfect. you'll notice that the font is suspiciously larger for the sidebar when you scroll down on the home page. I hope someone can help

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