My sidebar moved to bottom!

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    My sidebars have moved below all the posts. I´ve searched about this problem in forum, but I don´t reached a conclusion! I shrinked the pictures below 400 pixels and the problem wasn´t solved. Somebody can help me? I´m sorry about my English, I´m brazilian…

    My theme is Kubrick.



    Give us a link to your blog, please.



    Your Blog’s HTML is pretty messed up. There are a lot of mismatched tags in the posts, which are a known cause for broken Layouts. (validation results)

    Do you need any further direction on how to fix the HTML?


    I´really appreciate it, please…


    Thanks a lot, Isadora, I´ll do it. But how can know the name of the posts that are with problem if validator just indicates the number of line?


    1. Visit this page
    2. Ignore the first errors until you’ve reached the first one after line 57 (there’s no point in trying to fix these)
    3. Click the number. It should take you down on the page to the affected line in your HTML source code
    4. Identify which post this is in
    5. edit the respective post in source code
    6. make sure that each element has the proper closing tag, <p></p>, <div></div> not <p></div> or <div></p>
    7. save the post
    8. reload the validation page
    9. go back to step 2, repeat until your blog looks ok


    I thought I found the problem, but I was wrong. Could you please tell us when did your sidebar “disappeared”? After publishing which post? Or after inserting a new sidebar widget?


    Great. Thanks a lot Isadora e Deltafoxtrot. You are lovely!

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