my sidebar moved to the bottom!

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    hi, my sidebar moved to the bottom too.

    i’m at

    how to go about?

    thank you!


    It’s probably a missing ending div tag caused by the more tag after the image. Open your latest post for edit, switch to code view, locate the more tag code which should look something like this<!--more-->

    and put an ending div tag right before it to where it looks like this</div><!--more--> and that should take care of it.


    oh man. it didn’t work. ):



    Thesacredpath, I suspect a general “fix” for the more tag was deployed, since the most recent “sidebar” threads don’t show obvious problems related to the more tag, and now it’s even more difficult to find the mistake. I was not able to find the mistake just looking at the code as usual.

    cantlivewithoutain, set your blog to display only one post on the main page and go through your posts to find out which post is causing the trouble. If we can identify the post, maybe we have a chance to fix the code.


    I’ve had a couple friends in the last couple days with the old div tag issue on very recent posts, so perhaps it has only been partially fixed.

    Looking down through the posts, I notice that as of your post, “-” that starts out, “So yesterday my sister…” the text is very big and continues that way through the rest of the posts on the main page. It could be in that post or the one right above it although like Isadora, I don’t see anything that looks out of place.

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