My sidebar widget has sunk to the bottom of my page.

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    My sidebar widget has sunk to the bottom of my page. Any idea on how to get it to come back to the top of my page. I’m not sure how or when this happened. Thanks!



    Without the address of your blog, it’s hard to look to see what might be wrong. Can you please provide a link to your blog? Thank you.


    it happened here too:

    i’ve been looking for more info about this as well.



    It’s an extremely common problem and I’m not sure why, but the search box won’t return any meaningful results. There were threads on this on the front page only yesterday!

    In any case, it generally happens for one of two reasons: Either you’re posting an image that is too wide for your column, or you are pasting in content containing invisible tags that are messing things up. Do NOT paste from Word, ever. When pasting from elsewhere on the web, go into the Code editor and delete all the extra tags, or use the Advanced Toolbar feature with the brush icon to clean up your code. You will have to do this to all posts that may have been affected, because leaving it will only screw something else up later.


    this helped me fix the issue – a recent post I edited had a bunch of extra ‘divs’ in the code and once I deleted them everything was fine.

    MS word will cause you problems as it creates really bizarre code that will cause you problems ( ). Copying from the web can (most likely will) bring in code that will cause issues as well.

    What you need to do is set your blog to display only one post per page (options > reading) and then go through your posts one at a time to see which is causing the issues. It may be more than one. The validator is showing two open div tags and two open paragraph tags. It is also showing a lot of div elements in places that they are not allowed. You can report back here with the titles of the posts that are causing problems and I can help you with fixing them.

    When pasting from the web, always use the “paste as plain text” icon on the extended tool bar and when pasting from word, use the “paste from word” icon so that the code can be cleaned up.


    Set your blog to display only one post per page (options > reading) then go through them one at a time to see which post is causing the problem. W3C reports an open div tag, but I did not locate it. For every <div> there has to be a closing </div>

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