My sidebars suddenly got pushed to the bottom

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    Sometime in the last month or so, something changed and pushed my two sidebar menus to the bottom of my blog. We have had this custom CSS design for three years without issue, but now, the tag cloud, links and search have moved all the way down below all other content–they used to be just below the photos at top right. Any ideas of how I can remedy this?


    The blog I need help with is




    Usually this happens because you have open [Div] element without a [/Div] to close it properly, in a post.

    If you already know which post started the problem:

    Writings–> Settings…
    next to “Format” check the box in front of “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”.
    Save changes.

    Goto to the post that the problem originated,
    Goto the editor mode and “update”.

    If you still need help please give the URL of your blog so the forum volunteers can see the problem.



    That widget that has the pictures at the top right,
    Has code such as:
    <h4 style="margin: 12px 0pt 0pt;">

    I do not recognize that.
    perhaps the problem is with that widget.


    I have gone through the custom CSS line by line and been unable to isolate an issue with it. I think this is an issue with the theme, Andreas04–though it was not an issue for the two years before this summer. The theme imports the /about.html page to the sidebar–here, the page contains the eight thumbnail photos and the two lines of text below it. The two column-wide text sidebars run below that page.

    When I delete the /about page, the text sidebars move back to the top of the screen. But when I restore the page, the text sidebars jump to the bottom of the screen. Does anyone have insight into how to fix this problem? Is there code I can put into the /about html that will allow the text sidebars to run below it again?

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