My sidebars went wonky!

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    I made a post this afternoon, and the blog looked fine. I came home from work, checked in, and–eek!
    I’ve suddenly gone from a 3 column to a 2 column scheme, and all the widgets and sidebar content are at the bottom. I haven’t had any images that are wider than 500, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

    What the hey?!?
    Problem persists in multiple browsers.

    edited to add: hey, the date format changed too. This is *very* odd.



    Same problem here. I checked my blog this afternoon and everything looked fine. I just checked in and my sidebar with everything in it is at the bottom.


    This is a support issue without staff help it cannot be rectified. During support hours you can use this link Otherwise you can email support [at] wordpress [dot] com.



    My best guess is that they’re upgrading the themes and there are some um…un-smoothnesses. But TTTS is right, it’s something to contact staff about right away.

    Also, it’s probably a good idea if you post which theme you’re using and whether or not you have the CSS upgrade. We might be able to track things better that way.



    ya me too. I think it’s a sandbox problem in my case. I have the CSS upgrade and both my blogs that use it went whack. They basically reverted to the NO CSS sandbox theme which throws the sidebars to the bottom … at least that’s what I think happened to mine. Tried to fix it, but to no avail.



    i had the problem in ie…..went to firefox and it was fine


    Do most of your readers not use IE then or do you not care that those who do use IE cannot view your blog properly?



    I only use firefox and the sidebars are wonky there too for me. Browser changes didn’t matter


    Browser changes are irrelevant. Send all your details in to staff.


    It’s happened to me, too – using the Sandbox theme with CSS.



    same here.
    sandbox with CSS upgrade.



    Which configuration of Sandbox are you using? Some have sidebars built-in, etc. It might matter. I’m using the totally bare version of Sandbox, and it doesn’t seem to have happened to me.

    Actually, on second thought maybe it’s switched you from one version of Sandbox to another! Which one did you have when you started and what does the Presentation Sandbox page say you have now?



    my other blog is wonky too. i’m going to send word to support now.



    Ok, clearly it’s a sandbox with custom CSS thing.
    I feel a little better, but I *SO* do not have time to deal with this right now. Sigh.

    Hopefully support will open soon.


    Have others managed to send a message to Support?
    I just get a page saying that Support is currently closed.



    Email Support At WordPress Dot Com.

    It’s not just sandbox with custom CSS. That’s what I have and my blog looks just the same as normal. I think it might be for people who are using sandbox with sidebars in it; I’m using the completely empty Sandbox. But I can’t tell until someone tells me which version they’re using.



    Hi there!
    how would you see that the sidebars are at the bottom if you don’t have any sidebars?
    I think that sounds quite logical.

    Anyway, I got a message from support and my theme is now fixed. (Support was closed so I sent an email)



    Sorry about that folks. I think it should be fixed now – anyone still having problems?


    Everything’s perfect again.
    Thanks very much – though I remain slightly mystified.



    Edited to add–wait!! Never mind. It is fixed–I forgot to refresh. My bad :)

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