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My site doesn't display properly in Chrome browser

  1. The typeface of the posts is faint and the 'share' button has a blurred black background when hovered over. In short, it looks a little weird! Is there anything in development to overcome how WP blogs appear when viewing on Chrome?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone?

  3. On the "share" button, I would contact staff as that looks like something they should fix.

    On the faint typeface, that is a Chrome issue really. Chrome leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to stuff like that.

    If staff were to make the fonts bolder so that they would not look so faint in Chrome, then everyone else would be complaining the fonts were too heavy.

  4. There are also theme by theme differences in browser rendering. If you use Chrome and the "off" look putting, you might want to do a little theme shopping and see if there's one that maintains the feel you want, but that looks better.

    Almost freakishly, I periodically check posts with a lot of custom formatting from my site on Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari AND Opera. (Yes, I have them all loaded on my box). And I've changed things to accommodate a single browser from time to time. I do not recommend this level of geekery, but with the proliferation of available themes you might be able to find a different one that renders more to your liking.

  5. At least it works in IE and Firefox which are the top 2. So I won't bother changing themes for now, but thanks for your feedback.

  6. OH! So that's why the font on the Mystique theme looks weird. It's Chrome. I've been thinking for months why people like that theme, lol. Now I know.

    Thank You.

  7. I'm not noticing any problems myself. Did you switch away from the problem theme, if so, was it really Mystique?

  8. really? On Chrome the Mystique font is slightly fuzzier than IE.

  9. Yes, I'm asking because the blog in question is not using Mystique at this time, so I want to make sure that we're all talking about the same theme here.

    The fuzzy font is a browser rendering issue with Chrome, though it does not appear to affect Chrome 12 on a Mac. It's not something that we can accomodate for without completely changing the font, which probably wouldn't be thought of too well by the 52,662 folks using it.

  10. no worries, i don't use the theme anyway. But I think Stewie (tltcl) is having problems with a different theme.

  11. @macmanx
    tltcl is using the Motion theme. I'm viewing the "share" button on his blog using Firefox 5.0 and cannot see any problem with the display at all.

  12. Yeah, no problems here in Chrome 12 or Safari 5 either.

  13. I see the problem, and it's probably the same problem I have. I think it's to do with Chrome Windows.

  14. If you want, I can create a screen shot comparison between Chrome and IE.

  15. When I hovered the "share" button on TLTCL, it goes completely dark with dark text instead of it having light text on hover. Personally I think the button goes too dark.

  16. Ah, now I see what you mean! Yes, the shadow is being applied to the text by the theme, and it is a bit much in this scenario. We'll definitely look into it.

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