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  1. my site got hacked and deleted by unknown person. Can you please restore it? Thanks

  2. Ok, this is exactly the same blog as I just replied to in the proper support forum.

    You will first need to slug it out between youselves as to who owns the blog, then plead with the support people to resotre it for you. I suspect that your plea will fall on deaf ears.

    There's nothing us mortals in the forum can do for you.

    By the way, I HIGHLY suspect it wasn't "hacked" but that you used an easily guessable password or someone knows you and the passwords you use.

  3. Grr - give me editing rights!

    I doubt your site WAS hacked... then follow the rest of the sentence.

  4. hahahhahhhahahahahh

  5. Um, his blog IS gone. Maybe he was hacked.

    The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

  6. Cpers have a tendency to make their competitors admins of their blog, to get on their good side. Then the ruthless, Machiavelli-reading competitors delete the blog.

    This is not hacking. This is a life lesson.

  7. Evil doings starting young, huh. But haven't the forum administrators at the main CP site addressed this issue saying don't give anyone control of your blog?

  8. I have no idea. Regardless: have you ever known a kid to take the posted rules as law?

  9. technically speaking, a blog can't be deleted if the owner doesn't confirm the deletion in the email wp sends after deletion is requested. i know that cos i deleted a blog that never took off. it's still sitting pretty in my dashboard top bar. cos i didn't respond to the deletion email.

    so if someone deleted the blog in question, (s)he had access to the password of the email of the owner. and responded to the deletion email.

    maybe (s)he guessed it, maybe the owner used the same p/w. i am saying that cos the owner needs to be careful. who knows when important emails will be deleted as well?

    i hope you are reading this. please change the p/w of your email for your own security!

  10. Какъв е email-а на kalin116.

  11. Whats is kalin116's mail?

  12. sanj, the blog admin IS the blog owner. All admins are considered equal. So the email could have gone to any of them. This happens A LOT.

  13. ok, i get it. i have no experience about group blogs. thanks rain!

  14. what is up with these Penguins constantly saying they were hacked?
    Is this part of the penguin game? or are they really giving out admin. permissions. These are always in the off topic section of the forum

    hmm. The games penguins play

  15. It is part of the penguin culture. The game is BASED on what they call cheats, so cheating somehow doesn't seem wrong in that context.

  16. And yes, they are really giving out admin status on their blogs.

  17. hristo162, his blog is no longer on Google cache but Yahoo cache, his blog is in another language. So I can't find his email. Maybe you can. But his blog was a hit. Over 167,000 hits and lots of comments per post.

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