My site has been hacked. Please advise

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    I recently created a site On Saturday 6th July I changed the email address. The next day I couldn’t gain access. I have an idea who may have hacked it, as he had access to my password as I’d used it once on a forum he moderates. I need proof that he has done this before I report this crime to the UK authorities.

    Can you please advise me if there was a request to change the e-mail address after Saturday, 7 July 2012, 9:38 when I changed it to ru——–n@yahoo, and if so what was that e-mail address.

    I cannot include details of the blog as I’m currently frozen out of it.

    Thanks in advance




    I assume you’re referring to the account capecutter19

    If so, the password was reset two days ago. We don’t keep track of specific minutes/hours.

    However, the email address was never changed. It’s still web[…] (at)

    Do you have access to that email address?



    You just confirmed my worst suspicions. I’d like to report that the account has been hacked.

    I reset the email from web[…] (at) on Saturday morning to my own email russ[……..]den (at) yah[….]uk. The guy who hacked it runs a forum for Cape Cutter owners and I was a member. He would have known my password as I foolishly used it the same one on both sites.

    I’ve asked Ryan_M to look at this too, and I control the Twitter account via the footer Widget. I can post messages to that as proof that this is my account. He has no right to my account.

    Please can you get it back for me?




    You need to fix the passwords for your email first to keep others out of it – then James can help you further – your WordPress.COM blog and account have not been hacked it sound like – but your email probably has – since the email address to the blog account has remained the same



    Is Ryan working with you via email? If so, it’s best to continue there and off the public forums.

    Make sure that you change your email password as auxclass mentioned above.

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