my site just changed

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    A lot of entries have been deleted. What happened


    can you be a bit more specific?


    I had several entries on

    I went into my editor and they aren’t there either. I had Barak Obama video, Richard Nixon video, Brian Mulroney video. This is the only site that seemed to change. But I haven’t checked all them.



    When you say video, how were you embedding the videos?

    #225096 and all the written entries too


    I was able to fix my site subsection Roxie Digs News Bites because I had the information saved in blogdesk

    Do you have any idea how this could have happened



    A blogger a couple of weeks back reported that she’d installed a program on her computer that had deleted about 30 of her posts. Have you installed anything new lately? I can’t recall the name of the program, unfortunately, but it was something inoccuous that was just supposed to do some minor task.



    I had a glitch as well. My site no longer shows Authors of posts. I did yesterday.



    waveblogger, I responded in the other thread; no need to post the same issue in multiple threads.


    I can’t recall but I was out of town and working on another computer yesterday.

    I closed down the editor etc. And as far as I know no one could have gotten into my site

    I installed BlogDesk last week but I wasn’t using it when this happened



    You might be able to find your old posts at Google, in the cached view. Try that, try Yahoo, and try just in case.

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