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My site, name or blog(tags and evrything) doesn't appear in wordpress search

  1. i've been blogging for two months now and have posted more than a dozen posts and yet my blog doesn't appear in the wordpress search

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What did you search for? The WordPress search doesn't include blog names or tags; it includes post titles and post contents.

    Is this the blog?

    Have you got your Privacy settings set to be visible to search engines?

  3. If the blog is the one raincoaster posted the link to >
    Then your blog is indexed by Google (2 results).
    and your blog is indexed by Bing (14 results).

    Please be sure you have verified you blog ownership with the major search engines. >
    For additional factors that expedite search engine indexing see this post >

  4. yeah, that's my blog
    well, i did do the webmaster thing, but my post contents don't appear on wordpress search

  5. and yes, i did the privacy setting to be public

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