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(my) site not found

  1. I paid for domain mapping and had my blog at the new address all day today. Now, the site comes up not found. What's up with that? Is this a feature of the service I missed?

  2. When I go to either address, I end up on your page correctly at


  3. OK, thanks.

  4. Actually, I still can't get it to load in Firefox or IE. Anybody have any suggestions?

  5. If you recently updated the URL, it might not have provagated through all the DNS servers yet. It might take up to 24 hours for the entire world to be re-directed properly. It might be within the hour. If you can see it in other browsers, then clear your browser cache and try again. If not, it should be OK by the morning!


  6. You can also try clearing your DNS cache. If you're on a PC, open up a comment prompt and type:

    ipconfig /dnsflush

    It may not work as your ISP may be forcing you to use their cache. (I don't think yours does but you never know)

    I see it fine just for reference.

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