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My site wont apear in google! Help!

  1. How do I make my site apear in google, so anyone can look at it?

  2. Well reading the sticky at the head of the forums would be a good start since your question is in there. As well as a link to the promote your blog thread. Searching the forums would also be a good idea as this has come up before.

    You've only been here a week. Takes 3-5+ weeks to get fully listed within Google.

  3. Ive been on for more then that and it still wont appear.

  4. Google indexes sites by how many links there are to them. How many people link to your blog? You don't even have it linked to your username in your profile.

    As Dr Mike suggested, do a search for "promote your blog" and you'll find lots of suggestions to get better-known. Google doesn't list just anybody: you've got to have something worth linking to for them to count you at all. So make rich blog content.

  5. Well that's what happens when you ignore the advice given you. Looks like you didn't follow any of the suggestion that were made at the time when you first wrote that.

    - You're still not using categories for your posts. At least use Club Penguin as a category. Really shooting yourself in the foot since you;re not.

    - There's no real content in your posts so there's nothing for the search engines to pick up on.

    - A quick check shows no one linking to your blog. (That may be because you're not really offering any real content.)

    - Many of your posts don't have titles so there's nothing to pick up that way either.

    May I suggest actually searching the forums for 'promote' this time? May do you some good.

    edit: Take a look at Rain's blog for an example of a well thought out blog with categories and titles and whatnot.

  6. Let's use this example on Rain's blog. Note how it has a number of categories, a description of the video and heck, it even has the lyrics.

    Now compare yours

  7. :D

  8. Submit your site here on the right - Submit it to only the top 40 search engines. And also claim your blog at Technorati and place Technorati's buttons and such on your site. And make sure to ping your blog. I ping mine at and And email other similar sites like yours for link exchanges on each other's blogrolls. And to get listed on search engines, try to get your blog on at least one person's blog that is already listed on Google. This way when they get indexed, your site will then be indexed. Or edit your profile here on the forum so it includes your site to your username on the forum when clicked.

  9. You realize that it's going to be another month before he comes back, right?

  10. I dunno. I help list friend's sites and get it listed in days.

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