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My site won't load

  1. stopped to work today. I can't even acess the dashboard..

  2. it started to work now.. strange..

  3. apparently, some of us have the same issue. Your blog is still there, I can visit it. We'll have to wait until some permissions are restored on their side or some bug resolved.
    Relax (lol, I got sooooo panicked myself)

  4. thereflectiveteacher

    Hey there,
    Having the same problem.

    All sites are loading, but the forums wouldn't load (until a few minutes ago).

    Still, my own site won't load. Yet.

    Any suggestions/reasons/problems/canyouseemysiteandwhycan'tI?

    EDIT: just saw wrnc's post, and now I will wait patiently.

    EDIT #2:: It's back. *whew* Thanks WP admins and keymasters and such! I appreciate it. Apparently, I had some "seriously malformed HTML." In the future, I'll work more diligently in closing my tags.

  5. Matt mentioned in another post that he's been doing DNS modifications. This maybe the same issue.


  6. thanks for all answers! WP is the Best!

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