My site's been hacked?

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    Hello there.
    I’ve been helping this website out recently and I find out that all of our posts and data etc has been deleted. We’ve asked everyone who is on the site about it and haven’t gotten a clue who it could have been. The thing is, is it a program malfunction or have we been really hacked and is there anyway to get data that has been permanently deleted be restored?

    The blog I need help with is



    You probably haven’t been hacked. You probably invited someone to be an Admin of the blog who has fooled you into thinking he’s your friend. Then he deleted those posts, and lied about it to you. This happens a LOT with CP blogs, because 1) the users are mostly kids, who are easily tricked by nasty adults 2) there is apparently some money to be made by being a “big cheese” on CP, and this guy wants to get it by taking out all the competition 3) CP blogs often have entire teams of Admins, any of whom can delete not just the posts, but the entire blog.

    I will flag this for staff attention and they can find out who deleted the posts. In the meanwhile, look in the Trash folder of the Posts page on your dashboard.



    But I’m only helping them out. I quit CP a long time ago though. So, basically I’m searching through the folders and can’t find it. I was invited as admin on the site. :S There are about three administrators on the site. I really can’t find it. Thanks a lot. :D


    My site at has been hacked by someone called the Haxorsistz. I’ve been able to change my password, but cannot delete the Hackers info on my website.



    That’s not a site being hosted by It’s a install. You are posting to the wrong support forum and must post to




    Can you tell me what the blog in question is?


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