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My solution for a fixed image in Structure theme homepage

  1. Bonjour,
    Because I can read many dicussions around this big grey box or featured image, let me give to you my solution for getting a fixed image and a fixed title for the homepage of the Structure theme.
    In Article>Category, create a Welcome category.
    In Appareance>Theme Options, select the Welcome category as the one to use for the front page featured post.
    Create an article of this category with a featured post. Its title will become the welcome page Title and this image will become your fixed image.
    If you don't use the Welcome category for all the other articles, this will remain without preventing you to get the new articles in the Homepage.
    If you want to change the image or the title just modify the article.
    If you create a new article of this welcome category without a featured post, you will see the big grey box again.
    Voila,I hope this is clear enough.
    Au revoir.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. structure theme only looks nice only in genral blogs it'll look worse than ever

  3. I do not agree... My only concerns are the search function which should be replaced by a widget...and some very few translation weakness. It allows a lot of possibilities in the apparence. I love it.

  4. I wanted to declare this topic as resolved... but it took time for me to find it even if it is only 2 days old. I entered the tags I had in mind... but no way. Could someone tell me how the search in the forums does work ? Thanks in advance.

  5. I don't use the searchbox here in the forum. I use Google. Here's an example of the Google search string I used.
    structure grey box
    Here are the results >

  6. Also note that if you use the searchbox on the support documentation home page it will provide search results that additionally include links to related forum threads. It's better than the forum search box.

    If you click "member" under your username you can locate all the posts you have made to this forum.

    If you click Add this topic to your favorites (?) in the sidebar of any forum thread the posts you "favorite" are easy to find.

  7. Thank you... again. Au revoir.

  8. Thank you for this reply . it was helpful.

  9. @tassiopee
    Your solution is very helpful. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  10. The wordpress team has added the search widget back for this theme as I begged them to put it back! its back!

  11. i love the Structure theme, but don't completely understand it:

    is the concept that the "featured image" and newest post be exhibited one on top of the other ... or am i doing something wrong?

    cause why would you need both a "featured image" and a new post? in my mind, the point of a blog is that the newest post should be the "featured image"

    my question is:

    is there any way to use this theme and get rid of the "featured image" concept and have all of the images be viewable going down in a row (sort of like a Tumblr theme)?


  12. The concept is to showcase the latest post from a given category; given category doesn't have to be all posts. But anyway that's the distinguishing feature of the theme: if you don't like it (I don't like it either!), use another theme. The only way to remove the "Homepage Top" area is by editing the CSS of the theme (if you buy the CSS upgrade).

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  14. You're welcome.
    It's such a pleasure for me who started to blog one month ago to realize that I could help someone... I have also taken benefit from other bloggers advices.
    I visited your starting blog and realized that you succeeded in implementig the solution. Great.

  15. I am eternally grateful to tassiopee. Your solution on 7 May WORKED. I can sleep again. Thank you so much

  16. Super !!! Hope you slept well...

  17. I did

  18. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could help me out: I tried your solution to remove the grey box... but it doesn't work! I added a new ''Bienvenue'' category, I added a new article named ''Bienvenue'' with an image and a little text of welcoming and I clicked on ''Show the set featured image on single posts'' and I chose the category ''Bienvenue''. Result? Nothing changed!

    I also changed all my other articles so they could be under the category Bienvenue: no results either! Help me please!

  19. You can see by yourself:


  20. You probably inserted an image the normal way instead of setting a featured image:

    See here too for other details on Structure:

  21. thanks for that!
    I had the same idea to solve this problem, but cheers, mate!

  22. Thanks for this! I've managed it! :o)

  23. @weartone : Je vois que tu as découvert la différence entre image et featured image. Super. C'est un plaisir d'avoir pu t'aider.
    @yellowhouseliverpool and lov3d : It's a pleasure... great.

  24. @Tassiopee: Quelle sera la grandeur de la featured image sur la featured image? C'est qu'elle est un peu étirée...

  25. *je veux dire sur la page d'accueil

  26. Hi guys. I'm relatively new to the whole blogging thing and only using the free browser version of wordpress. I've just switched to Structure theme but can't seem to get anything to appear in the top bit, below the featured article headline. I can put a widget in the "homepage top right" section but the bit to the left of that is just a grey box - i can't see any option to put anything there.

    How do i resolve this?!

  27. @weartobe : Important: the images must be 620×380 pixels or they get distorted. (extract from °

    @cjv91 : this big grey box is supposed to be filled by an image... a featured image to highlight an article (post). If you create a nex post you have to click on insert an image, choose you image but instead of clicking " insert in tne post" you click just near this button on "use as featured image". If you attributed the appropriate category (see theme options) this new image will fill the big grey box and the title of your post will appear above. See also
    Hope this will help

  28. This theme doesn't make sense; it is impossible to have the images from other posts on the main screen unless they are in the featured image category (e.g 'Pets'). So, if you post about something else (let's say 'Poetry') and it's not in that same category, then you will not be able to see an image for that post, as you might on a normal blog. It's also an awkward theme because it means you have two of the same image on the home-page which generally looks pretty crap. I'm not sure the designers didn't notice this... What's the point in creating a theme called structure which is so obviously, structurally flawed?

  29. @brrnrrd
    The theme is specifically designed to display a featured image from the category of the bloggers choice. See >

    If you would like to share your feedback with Staff then please use this link >

  30. I did that Tassiopee but on featured category , it says “”... uncategorized ..why is that? how can i fix it?

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