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My solution for a fixed image in Structure theme homepage

  1. @saratavasolian
    Let's start with this. The blog linked to your username produces a 404 - page not found. Please post the link to the blog in question starting with http://

    The default category for all wordpress blogs is "Uncategorized". A default category will be assigned to any published post in the case you don’t specify one. If you wish to assign another one to your posts and designate it as the default category then you can do so. This default category can be set under Settings > Writing.

    However, until we have the correct link to the blog in question we cannot view the blog and provide any specific help so please post it.

  2. Thank you very much for your solution as it helped a lot. Unfortunately, after using this feature for some time, another problem hit me. Example: I post a new entry with featured image of acceptable size, then go on my home page and - BOOM! The new post is at the top of the entry lists, but above, where the latest article is shown with the feutured image of the latest post, comes the article from some late post. Any ideas how to fix this? Tnx!

  3. The image above will be the last one of the posts that you would have published in the category defined in Apparence >Theme Options.
    Apparently, yours is Kuho. So if you want it above, categorize you post in Kuho.

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