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My spam catcher went crazy

  1. ALL of my comments are getting marked as spam. Did everyone else's go crazy too????

  2. Yes!!! HELP! Sorry for yelling. I had to despam 6 comments (2 of my own) in about 15 minutes. None of them have links. It's normally the best. I'll report this through feedback.

  3. I found my missing comments in the akismet spam filter. I'm not sending in a feedback as I believe one is suffcient given that staff read forum threads.

  4. fantasywriter9

    I commented on my own blog and it was marked as spam. Something's up.

  5. I don't mind it marking my comments as spam so much. I know what's going on and can go in and despam. That has happened a couple of times previously. It's a problem when my regular visitor's comments get marked. Fortunately, I was online and could quickly despam. My visitors (I actually refer to them as contributors) communicate with each other quite a bit so this could be a rather large problem.

    I'm confident this will be sorted out.

  6. It's being worked on - apologies!

  7. It is now fixed.

    De-spam any wrongly caught comments and if you think anything continues to be wrong send in a support/feedback.


  8. Has anyone else had an increased amount of spam? I'm now getting two pages of spam. Before maybe I got about 30 a day. Now it's like 70 - 90.

  9. @podz:
    Thanks for addressing this so quickly. It's working fine for me now.

    Yes. I'm getting tons more now. Also, tons-o-pings from blog scrapers.

  10. nosy & eceletic,
    over 200 for one of my blogs today.

  11. Yeah I had like 100 spams today. But all will be well.

  12. nosy - I'm getting tons as well. Guess the spambots finally figured out how to attack our blogs. I was away from my computer for a few hours this afternoon and came back and there were 169! But I've been noticing a lot of extra spam over the last few days. That's why I asked for the page navigation at the bottom. Overnight, I'll get 4 pages of spam.

  13. WOAH! 4 pages sheesh. Bottom placement for page navigation bar required sounds convenient.

  14. Four pages?! I haven't had any for weeks, apart from a misfiled comment from a friend.

  15. Akismet continues crazy. It marks friendly comments (without any links) as spam.
    I've despammed the wrongly caught comments but the slaughter goes on.

  16. I haven't had that problem today, but some Mr.Skin porn spam did sneak through about 18 hours ago, so I'd guess Akismet is fiddling with the settings and trying to strike a balance.

  17. Where are all these spams coming from? It's really annoying and sometimes legit comments are blocked by Akismet. I have a very low tolerance with this.

  18. 2,550,965 so far today - that's how many Akismet has stopped.
    Without Akismet you would be spending a lot of time dealing with this.

    Go look:

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