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My specific blog does not work with xmlrpc

  1. I have read all the threads on this, but for some reason I can't publish to my blog from my self hosted blog

    I have had tech support look at this and it seems like a domain specific issue. Please advise. J

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello? Support folks? This is not likely going to be a community help answer. Is it possible that my publishing website is being blocked? The Atom and xmlrpc are enabled and actually my IT was able to post to my blog via xmlrpc from another site. Something is up with the URL possibly. Please advise?? Thanks much.

  3. Although I think I need support per se, any advice on how to FIND support would be appreciated with this issue.

  4. Here at XML-RPC is always enabled by default so you don't need to enable it. This is what you are referring to

    The question is why are you trying to do this at all? Creating duplicate content across domains is not wise and will have a negative effect on the positioning in the SERPs (search engine page results). Google has the Panda and Penguin algorithms in operation and the former detects duplicate content.

    If you want to use you blog as a private backup blog for your content then you can do that by export and import.

  5. P.S. I tagged this thread for Staff attention. Subscribe to it and you will be notified when they respond.

  6. Thanks timethief, on both counts.
    Appreciate the suggestions and input. Intent is content syndication and value added curation, not duplication and not backup. Have not developed this blog yet until I can get the basics working. XML-RPC posts are just the initial seed.

  7. Could you please let us know exactly how you're trying to post via XML-RPC so we can have a look? Are you running it through a PHP script, or something else? If so, can you post the script here?

    If you could also give us a specific example of why you'd want to post this way instead of one of the other methods we offer, that would also be helpful. Thanks very much.

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