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My stat is freeze...Problem?

  1. I want to know about stat cause my blog since 2 hour ago until now stat is freeze....
    What happen?

  2. There is a message about this at the top of the forum I'm surprised
    you missed it hurry it's still there to be read.

  3. Oh...I sorry for hurry...I see that in the top of forum....


  4. Here's a screen shot en case the message is gone by the time you make it back to the forum.

  5. Your welcome projectlib, since you got a chance to see the message before it was gone
    I will delete the screen shot to save on the limited ban width I get through

  6. My stats are very, very slowly beginning to resume. I should say trickle in. But right now it looks like I've lost maybe three hundred hits or more...and it's not really registering many of the new ones I'm getting at all (I can tell this for sure from my Clicky web analytics). This is definitely not good at all.

  7. As mentioned in the notice on the forum page, there was some maintenance performed on the stats system tonight. This maintenance is complete and the stats are catching up now. It will take a little time for the backlog of stats to be worked through and then things will be current again. Fear not, your stats are not lost, you'll be seeing your numbers soon.

    Thanks for your patience!

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