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  1. Every time I check "My stats", the title of my home page is displayed as "Home page". Today it is displayed as "Home page/Archives". What does it mean? Can anybody else have access to my old or unpublished pages? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thebirdingbunch

    I just noticed this and came here to see what the change is about. I doubt anyone can see our unpublished pages unless they have our password, but I do wonder why it shows "Archives".

  3. I have that too and it's also the reason i came looking here.

  4. Perhaps someone could tag this for staff to answer please. I have 26 views for Home/Archive, i no longer see what individual pages have been viewed, is this a WP change? I'd like to know so i can move my blog elsewhere as not seeing which pages are clicked on will be pointless. I've only had this blog a few days, but this change happened today. Thanks

  5. Greetings to Cymru! I have visited your home page two or three times just to see who you are. Maybe other members have done the same thing and that's why you can see so many visitors of your homepage. I had nine views today, only three visitors have seen my homepage. I think it works all right but I don't understand why the word "archive" has appeared. There could be one reason: some old members have a link to their archive on their homepage. I am here since September I think, some changes do occur here sometimes. I think it has no sense to move your blog. Best regards and sincere sympathies for Cymru and Cymraeg. Good night.

  6. @enricu i am not questioning the views, i am questioning the change from 'Home' views to 'Home/Archive' views.

  7. Well, as I have told you: changes like these do occur here sometimes, I mean on "My stats". I don't understand their logic, it is up to the members of the staff to explain this change. I am sorry I can't help you more.

  8. @enricu I didn't ask you to explain I asked for staff to answer if you'd read my comment correctly.

  9. This is an intentional change. Date and category archive listings are actually counted the same as the Home Page when the home page is set to display posts.

    Therefore, what you originally saw for your Home Page total was a collection of Home Page views and Archive views, which is why we changed the title to the much more accurate "Home Page / Archives".

  10. Hi! I made this change. Thanks for noticing!

    The "Home page" stats have always included "Archive" pages. There are several types of archive pages, including: category pages, tag pages, author pages.

    The change was only a text change. There were no changes made to the actual counting of stats.

  11. An archive is a collection of historical records. It is misleading as someone clicking on just one home page is not the entire record of the blog posts. So we have no idea what posts people are entering the blog through as even catagories will show as home/archive?

  12. If you're looking for data on specific category or tag views, try the "Tags & Categories" module further down the right side of the page.

  13. Yes i've spotted the tags module. Thank you for explaining the 'Archive' thing, i just thought archive meant someone had viewed the entire blog with just one view LOL I understand now. Thank you once again.

  14. You're welcome!

  15. Understood. Good explanation as I was not aware of that before and I know categories are used by my readers a lot.

  16. One more quick question on this topic. I was working on another blog today that hasn't been set to public yet. For some reason there are 6 hits on the blog today under Home page/archive. Is it counting my own views?

  17. Yes.

    Private blogs, which can be viewed only by users chosen by the administrator, now track the page views of all of their users. Traditionally we have omitted the views attributed to a blog’s own users because stats were meant to reflect the activity of the general public. However, this meant that private blogs had no useful stats reports. This change will be especially useful for private blogs that have many users.

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