My stats are mixed up. Can you separate them for me?

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    My stats of the domain got are showing the stats of a blog of a subdomain:
    I really have no idea how to fix this and a mod of the forum told me you could do this?

    Thanks & greetings from munich,



    Hi Dominik,

    It appears to me on our end that you might have recently moved your content from to, correct? Did you copy your database when you did that? If so, that was the source of the issue, because Jetpack needs to assign a unique ID to each URL. I do see that you disconnected and reconnected Jetpack, however, which appears to have fixed the issue. Is everything ok for you, then? Or do you need further help?


    Hi Richard!
    Thanks for your fast response!
    Yes, I moved some content while setting up a new blog. Maybe I copied also the database (I tried so much I don`t even remember ;-) ).
    In the end I decided to start up the new blog with new content and leave the old blog where it is (on the subdomain).
    But now my new blog shows me the stats of the new visitors but also all the visitors who were on my old blog (on the subdomain…).
    Is it possible to clear the whole stats? To start from zero?

    Where do the stats come from? Is Jetpack getting them from the Database or from the Server?

    Thx & greetings from munich!



    Hi there!

    I’ve taken care of it on our end, you will need to disconnect and reconnect Jetpack for it to work properly now. Let me know once you’ve done that so that I can double-check that it’s ok. Thanks!


    All stats are cleared! Thanks!



    Perfect, glad it worked out!

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