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My stats are not working

  1. Yes, I always post all my blogs streigth to facebook. I am not looking for more traffic, just want to observe the traffic I am getting from facebook and Twitter.

    This has been working since I started on WordPress, it´s just november that hasn´t been normal.

  2. Hi @ksvava - If you want to satisfy yourself that those clicks are being recorded, you can go to File->New Incognito Window in your Chrome browser. Then, load your Twitter page and click on a link to your blog. Don't log into in your Incognito Window, but click around.

    It can take some time for those clicks to be recorded in your stats, but you should see them there the next day. You should see at least one referral from Twitter.

  3. I agree with Time Thief's November 9th statement: "Comments are gold . . .

    In the last few days, I'm suddenly getting comments on an old post ( However, the comments are not translating into stats.

    Here's one example. Yesterday was December 10th. I got eleven comments. However, when I look at my stats, I see only three views.

    This is a minor glitch in an otherwise amazing experience. I thought I should bring it to the forum sooner rather than later. Thank you in advance for whatever help you can give me.

  4. Hi there - It's possible for people to comment on your post without actually visiting your site -- they can comment from a subscription email or from the Reader.

    Additionally, I notice from looking at this post that you seem to have been approving some spam comments. This can cause problems for your site, because the more spam you approve, the more spammers will target your site. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between spam and legitimate comments, but these articles might help:

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