My stats are someone elses?

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    Yesterday I was having problems with my stats timing out and it appeared with a big orange box in place of where the normal graph would be. I logged in this morning and no problems, everything was back to normal.

    I have just logged in again to check what is happening and I have a completely different graph that has come up. No more orange box but now I have one that has labels ‘Region A’ and Region ‘B’ for 2003, 2004 and 2005, with a bar chart?

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this?

    Thanks to anyone in advance that can help me with this.



    I have the same thing too. I think they are working on the graph system. Probably nothing to worry about.



    Ok…thanks for the advice…I’ll check back later or in the morning.


    It’s now been 17 hours that the problem with the blog stats began. I have been watching the forum for an update, and nada. Still no graph on the blog to show how many visitors. Still a bogus graph, showing info from region and b, and for years in which I didn’t even have a blog.
    Is this problem going to be fixed? Or should I assume that this info is no longer going to be available to me?
    I note you still have top posts, and top blogs designates. How can you tell which ones are the top if you can’t tell how many people are reading each one?
    Is the problem going to be fixed? Some info as to what is going on would be really helpful.



    same problem



    I have just looked at my site in IE and I see what you guys are seeing. I normally use Mozilla so the stats show in a daily bar chart as opposed to the orange and blue boxes.



    Yeah, but WP says they have it ALL fixed, yeah, sure they do…

    This has been going on for several days now, and it’s getting old in a big hurry..


    Are the blog stats ever going to be fixed?



    Same problem for many days. I start to feel sad about that …hope that WP will solve it very soon…



    same problem another day… and another day…. and..



    Stop bleating.

    At least you lot can access your dashboard and stats :-)

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