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"My Stats" page not loading: "javascript:void(null)"?

  1. Thanks so much to you for getting the STATs working again. Much appreciation and Double Cheers!

  2. @supernova: no problem :).

  3. I feel very lonely as the whirling W continues. I will be on a plane for most of tomorrow so will give it another go on Sunday. Thanks, David

  4. You're not alone, muskmellon. That Eternally-Loading "W" plagues me, still. :(

    Will keep checking over the next few days for change.

    Thank you,

  5. Adding my name to the list of those still plagued by that continually clocking "W".
    * deep sigh of frustration *

  6. Ah, now that is a head scratcher, @muskmellon, @lovethebadguy, and @raivenne . Please clear your cache again if you haven't already. We'll be hitting you up by ticket for more information.

  7. Hi supernovia,

    I have deleted my cache (for what feels like the tenth time now), and unfortunately, the problems all remain as I stated them at the beginning of this thread.


  8. Thanks for letting us know, Jess. I've dug around and posted more information to our engineers. We'll let you know what we find out.

  9. Still doesent work....and i get this error:Recently an error occurred while creating the CSS / JS minify cache: File "/home/ninaland/public_html/wp-content/plugins/facebook-comments-for-wordpress/css/facebook-comments-widgets.css" doesn't exist.

  10. Hello everyone,

    Is anyone else still experiencing these issues?

    I received an email from a Velda C., saying: "This was caused by a JavaScript error earlier, so could you check your JavaScript error console for us? Let me know what browser(s) you're using and I'll send instructions."

    I replied a few days ago, but as I haven't heard back, I thought maybe I was supposed to respond on this thread, so:

    Windows Internet Explorer 9, is my browser.

    That whirling "W" is driving me a little bit insane, so I would sorely love to get this squared away.

    Thank you for the help,


  11. Umm... So, my stats page spontaneously started working today, as did all other problems stated in my first post. I have no idea what kickstarted it, but... YAY!

    Hopefully these issues have been solved for everyone.

    Thank you very much for the assistance,


  12. We had a few random sites with a completely different issue, that happened to cause the same never-loading-stats kind of symptom. That's been taken care of now. Cheers!

  13. Stats graph clicked back on Monday evening and has worked fine since. Thanks to WordPress and staff for the personal attention. -David Bowling

  14. genderaquafish
    Member has the same problem with only part of the stats showing. For help please! Has been happening since 21 June.

  15. sulzbergersblog

    1 My stats graph does not display on my page in IE9. However it does display on the dashboard page.
    2 The graph displays OK in Safari on my iPhone.

    Hopefully this annoying problem will get resolved soon...:-)

  16. In my meta widget is the link. I can click on that and it now opens my stats page up to the public. This is private info and no one should be able to view that but those approved. How do I take that link out of the meta?

  17. @ppjg

    his is private info and no one should be able to view that but those approved.

    That's not so. Only you can see your stats page when you are logged into No one else can see them. Log out of, clear your browser cache and cookies, reboot you computer. Then without logging in go to your blog as if your are visitor, click the meta link and you will prove to yourself that others cannot see your stats or access your blog.

  18. Also regarding privacy and stats do aware that there are publicly available sources of stats for all of our blogs.

  19. mountaincoward

    I'm having the problem posted at the start of this post for the last 2 nights - my stats were last working okay a week ago before I went away for the week. As soon as I came back yesterday, I was just getting the spinning WordPress logo and no stats ever come up - same again tonight.

    I'm using Internet Explorer 7... I know I'm supposed to update to IE8 but it doesn't work for text editing (the cursor keeps jumping back to the top of the text boxes while I'm typing so I can't see what I'm saying) so I don't want to use it - not sure whether IE9 has that problem fixed or not but Microsoft have never fixed it on IE8.

    Anyone else having problems viewing their stats? I can't see a fix on this thread - it just says it was fixed by the staff...

  20. I'm having the same problem since 3 days ago. When i clicked on my stats, the "W" and the circle takes a long time, i left it to run for almost 10 mins but still it won't load. Can somone give any pointers? Thanks.

  21. I'm having the same problem. Direction please!

  22. Takes a real long time loading in Safari on iPad, loads ad hoc and links from bars are inactive.... Just checking if I'm alone?

  23. I am having the same issue! Please help.

  24. The same problem with me too. Have not been able to open stats page. the wheel rotates with wordpress logo. what are the chances of quick recovery?

  25. debfictionista

    Same problem with me too! My stats haven't showed in about 2 weeks!!!

  26. For those of you reporting continued problems when trying to access stats, can you please let me know the following?

    1. Are you accessing stats using a URL such as!/my-stats/ ?

    2. What browser and browser version are you using?

  27. Another thing you can try if you are experiencing display trouble on the home page is to try clearing your browser cache to see if that helps. If you are willing to give that a try, here are the steps:

  28. I have the same issue, using IE9, both going directly to wordpress & hitting the stat button, or using a URL. Cleaning the cache doesn't help.

  29. Hi all,

    I originally posted this problem some time ago. All advice given regarding cookies and cache was moot. Some brilliant tech-head behind the scenes of WordPress must have done something, because the problem was slowly resolved for those of us who had it at the time, and this thread was marked as "solved".

    So to summarise -- it is my belief that there is nothing you can do on your end to fix the problem. WordPress will have to do it.

    I will try to change the thread to "not resolved" so that the issue might be drawn more strongly to the right people's attention.

    Best of luck!

  30. I have same issue when ever I click on yesterday I get Page not found. This is quite annoying I cant access my stats other than current day. Tries everything clearly this is a wordpress issue.

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