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"My Stats" page not loading: "javascript:void(null)"?

  1. Hello,

    For the past few weeks, I have been unable to access "My Stats" fully. The blue stat bars never load (the WordPress symbol spins, as if it is loading, but never does so), and if I try to click on any of the "Yesterday" links on "Views by Country", "Top Posts and Pages", etc., nothing happens. When I hover my cursor over these links, a message appears bottom-left of the screen: "javascript:void(null)"

    I have done all of the most basic things: tried different browsers (IE is my usual; tried Mozilla and Safari, with no different response); cleared cookies/cache and cleaned the computer; checked for updates of Flash (I have the most recent version); uninstalled Java and reinstalled the most recent version; and checked that Javascript ("active scripting") is enabled.

    I am at a loss. Any help would be much appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. liveshoptravel

    I've been experiencing the same issue and have noticed the speed of WordPress is drastically slower, especially when I open my reader. Hope there is a fix?

  3. My stats graph stopped loading this evening - the wheel spins, but no bars appear. The numerical totals will update if the page is refreshed.

    I have updated Java and Flash. I've cleared cookies and cache. I'm using updated Firefox with no add-ons, and changing browsers doesn't help.

    In addition, the notifications button on the stats page is non-functional.

  4. I have the same problem--spinning wheel, no stats.

  5. Same problem on me... spinning wheel no stats, on and in my own page hosted by me in jetpack plugin... maybe it's an error in¿

  6. Same problem here with Firefox and IE: spinning wheel, no stats graph. Also, cannot rearrange boxes on stats page. Have the latest Java and cleared the cache.

  7. I also have this same problem. Haven't seen my stats in over a week.
    I am using Chrome and Firefox.

  8. Ok people, the staff has been working on it and now it works! Thanks to all for the replies

  9. I was looking in Forums and saw you were presented with this problem so I am writing to see how this issue, which I am also experiencing, can be rectified. Each time I click on the STAT graph at the top of my Blog post page, it brings me to the STAT Page with no problem, but the page itself does not load properly. Everything on the STAT Page appears except for the STAT graph. Instead the WordPress logo W appears with a swirling circle around it and never loads the actual graph. I noticed this happening since yesterday, 6/13/12. Can you let me know how WordPress corrected this problem for you.

    I use Firefox. I have cleared my cookies and caches and the issue still remains.


  10. Staff needs to work on this issue some more, I'm afraid. Still getting the WordPress wheel spinning forever, with no stats graph showing up. That's on Firefox 13.

  11. PS: Also confirmed on current Chrome for Windows, so not an issue with the new Firefox release.

  12. Hello there,
    This is to let you know I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  13. Thanks, TT!

  14. @shoreacres
    As you can see there are wide spread issues everywhere and this has been going on for days now. Please hang in there is all I can say. :(

  15. Hi all,

    I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this issue, and hopefully a solution will be found.

    @saintlysages -- I never realised, but I cannot rearrange the boxes on the stats page, either. The text highlights when I try.

    @timethief -- Thank you muchly for flagging the thread. :)


  16. Glad to see it's not just me. I'm experiencing this on Safari (on both MacBook and iPad), as well as on Chrome. Thanks so much for working on it.

  17. eloquentnature

    Would somebody please click WordPress's chair?

  18. Just a note to let you all know we're working on this. Most of you should see stats again after clearing your cache, but please let us know if that does not help. We'll be contacting a few of you by ticket for further information.

  19. Just cleared cache, didn't help, unfortunately

  20. Just to reiterate, clearing the cache did not help with those of us who have gone that route. I have cleared my cache several times now and still seeing the WordPress logo W with a swirling circle around it and the STAT graph still not loading.

  21. It's spinning for a couple of days now and at leat in my case I can't see any details in the page (clicking Referres, Clicks etc. doesn't work for me). During this period of crisis ;), one way to view your detailed stats is -

    1. Go to your stats page
    2. Click on the "views today" link for the details of today
    3. To check the details for the past day, just change the URL in the address bar to have the previous date, i.e.
    as of today it ends in "&day=2012-06-16"
    change it to
    "&day=2012-06-14" to check the details of 14th June.

  22. Just to confirm, they are working on it. I received a request for a screen cap of my error console, and some other information. I've sent it off, and received a nice "thank you".

    So - patience, I think.

  23. Add one more to the list. I first noticed trouble on 6/14

  24. I've been having the same problem for the last 10 days under IE9, Win 7 SP1 with latest patches. It works intermittently, cache clearing doesn't fix it.

  25. Add me to the list. Started on 6/13.

  26. We've got some good leads and will update you soon. Thanks, all. And thank you, @oldpapyrus , for an interim workaround :)

  27. Me too :/

  28. @supernovia ~ Working fine, both bar graph and notifications tab.

    Many thanks!

  29. Stats are working again here! Good job!

  30. Here's a huge thanks to all of you: we were able to solve this because of the details you submitted. Cheers!

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