my sticky post won’t show on my home page

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    I guess most of you won’t be able to read my blog as it’s in Hebrew, but perhaps someone would still know how to help me:
    I’m using the Hemingway theme. I have two posts shown on my home page. Normally it would the latest two posts written, but I want it to be on one side – the newest post written, and on the other side – a specific old post, which I want to be shown on the home page always. I marked that post as sticky, and it says it is sticky, and when I watch my home page it is indeed shown there, but I’ve just realized that when others watch my blog – they see the latest two posts, and not the one I’ve marked as sticky.
    Does anyone have any idea why, and how can I solve it?
    Many thanks ahead, to whoever can give an advice.



    Never post your email in a public forum; spammers will grab it right away.

    Hemingway is an iffy theme, as well. Hemingway, monotone and duotone are all designed to repress posts other than the most recent. I don’t think you’ll be able to use the Sticky feature with Hemingway.


    Wow, what a fast reply…

    How upsetting, though…

    Will it be possible to do using the CSS Customization upgrade?


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    Actually, you can have a sticky post in the Hemmingway theme. The think is, though, it will be your only post on your front page. So readers who come to your blog via the front page will think that you have not updated anything since their previous visit.


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    Also note that the post on the front page doesn’t show pictures unless you use the excerpt function.


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    Here is information about the excerpt function:


    Wow, thanks so much!
    I never though I’ll get this help so quickly.

    I’ve just thought of another solution – I think I’ll just update the date of that “entrance post” of mine, after every time I’ll write a new post, to make wordpress “think” it’s the newest post I’ve written, and then my home page will always show this one on one side and the real new post on the other.
    It’s a little more bother than just marking it as sticky, but it can be done.



    Frankly I prefer not to use sticky posts at all. This is for two reasons.

    (1) As a reader it peeves me right off when I click into a blog and have to click by a sticky post to find new content every time I visit. I come to read your new content so please place your sticky post content on a static page and put a link to it at the top of your sidebar, or use a theme that has an Alert box.

    (2) I’m not willing to take the risk of confusing search engines by having a sticky post ion the front page of my blogs..

    I have used the Vigilance theme and now the Inuit Types theme as they are among the themes have Alert boxes or Introduction boxes (or the same feature called by a different name) for posting brief notices to readers.


    Stickies do work in Hemingway – they work in all themes except Monotone.

    In Hemingway, a sticky will show up on the left column, with the latest post on the right column. If you can see your sticky but others cannot, then you’ve set the post to private.


    Nah, strike last sentence out…

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