My StumbleUpon Isn’t Working Properly

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    It was working just fine earlier. For instance, I would visit a blog post I made my own WordPress blog & click the StumbleUpon button & it would go through. Now my URLs aren’t being posted. It goes from looking like this:

    To looking like this:

    Then it just freezes on a blank/white screen with the above link in the URL browser. Somebody please help. Thanks in advance. 88-Keys of Locksmith Music, LLC

    The blog I need help with is



    If I click that link it takes a good few seconds but then I see:
    Recommend it to 11,333,928 stumblers

    The long url is valid.


    As soon as I read your reply I check it & it worked. Then I started submitting my blog posts to StumbleUpon again. After about 5 or so submittals, the same thing started happening again. I’ll try & wait this one out & see what happens. Thanks.



    Are you sure Stumble itself isn’t locking you out for constantly Stumbling your own site?


    Hey raincoaster. I’m brand-spankin’ new to StumbleUpon. I didn’t know that was prohibited because that’s exactly what (& all) I do as far as submitting “new” material to StumbleUpon. Is that against the rules or something?



    It’s REALLY REALLY against the rules. You’re not supposed to stumble your own stuff; other people are supposed to stumble it. You’re supposed to stumble other people’s stuff.

    It’s not like Digg, where there’s a grudging admiration for people who are self-promotional like that.

    It’s the same over at Reddit. I just posted one of my own posts over there (just once, not repeatedly!) and it was immediately downvoted by two because it was ME posting it.

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