My subscribers receive the whole post in the email… can I change that?

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    This is probably the most basic question, but I couldn’t find the answer elsewhere….

    Is there a way to adjust how much of my post can be viewed when a subscriber receives an email notifying them of my new post? For instance, instead of them being able to read the whole post in the email, can I set it so that they see the first part only? And have them click to my blog to read the whole post?

    Hopefully my question makes sense. (I’m the one who posts not the one who subscribes)


    The blog I need help with is



    On your dashboard screen go to Settings, Reading then change ‘for each article in a feed show’ to summary. That will fix it :)


    Thanks, I made the change. I saw this setting before and did not think it referred to my subscribers. The way it’s worded sounds, to me, to be about how I am able to view posts in my own reader/feeds I see.

    After a year of blogging, I’m still figuring things out :) Thanks for your help!

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