My tagline jumped. How do I put it back on top?

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    Hi, Using the Pilcrow theme, I had a tagline. It recently jumped to the bottom of each page and post. How do I get it back over the header image and beneath the header title?

    Thanks for you help.

    The blog I need help with is


    As far as I can remember, the tagline in Pilcrow has always been at the bottom of the site in the footer. Did you recently change themes?



    You may be right. I don’t see a tagline on the Pilcrow demo, but I could have sworn…. and I see the words I used now at the bottom. I did switch to another theme and then back again. Those tagline words used to be on top, but until the recent switch, I’ve always had Pilcrow. Any remedy? The text header looks so blatant by itself. Thanks.



    PS: Can I change the font style or size in the header of Pilcrow? Or justify it to the left side?



    You can’t change the styling of the blog title (or move the tagline) without the custom Design upgrade.
    What you can do is use an image editing application to create a different header image, with the title and tagline on it, then upload this image as your header and uncheck the option “Show header text with your image”.

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