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my text widget comes up when i google my blog?

  1. I googled my blog name "Pennsylvania Echoes"....
    and this came up:

    "Sadly Sonific has shut down leaving Pennsylvania Echoes without music... Hope this problem get worked out soon. Spam Blocked. 7 spam comments. blocked by ... - 38k -"

    THis is is simple text in a widget when Sonific went off line.

  2. I was expecting my tagline or my most recent post or my poular post...

    not a text widget.

    wondering if this is why my stats are dropping a bit.

  3. Also says "Spam Blocked 7" that the akismet widget

  4. Any text is game to be indexed in search engines.

  5. Fair enough, but why do I have tags, meta taglines if this is what come up first?

  6. You'd have to ask whatever search engine indexed it. It's their doing. I've had weird things i've put on my sidebar show up in search engines too. Probably a lot of people have.

  7. FYI, on this search, it brings up blog entries from your site. So, it's hit or miss :)

  8. So how do i ask google...
    I cant put google analytics in a as far as I know

  9. Google is on drugs lately, frankly. A number of people, including me, have seen it reference specific posts but link only to or similar overarching URL. They are obviously changing things, but it's unlike them to debut something so obviously borked. Hopefully things will come back soon.

    dlager, if that was the most recently updated thing on your blog, that alone might be why it's on top.

  10. Maybe we should all put in a text widget, "Google, get your act together!" LOL

  11. thanks but this what I got by googling
    Pennsylvania Echoes

    The issue is that I used to get many more hits before I moved to from that search.

    I of course expect my stats to drop when moving, and the search to drop

    But I guess I have to learn to Tag better with wordpress

  12. LOL you are commenting faster than me

    I love a challenge anyway, thanks

  13. blogs generally have much MORE googlejuice than independent blogs, in part because of the global pages system. Try changing your language to something else, then changing it back. There's a bug that sometimes fixes, a bug that prevents you from showing on the global pages and slaughters your SEO.

  14. @ Raincoaster
    Yes and I do not understand googles page rankings.

    my other (selhosted blog) when from a 6 to a three in a week

    LOTS of people are grumbling

  15. thanks I saw your Language change advice somewhere else Raincoaster.. I will try it.

  16. Well, google is indexing really fast, cuz this forum thread is on the first page when I clicked on the link you left, dlager!

  17. Something did happen to my blog on Coasters advice...

    Before in the post editor page I had the "Field modifier..."
    This is actually something on Worpress.ORG 2.5 to enter to do things like enter keywords (for search engines)

    its gone now. Apparently it wasnt supposed to be there.
    (I thought this was a new feature of the dashboard--- Apparently it shouldnt have been there

  18. note for others: you do not need to enter keywords for a wordpress.COM blog.

    Categories work as keywords for search engines.

  19. Should I report this as a "bug" to wordpress?
    if so where do i do this?

    (Actually what is was is a "custom fields" option was showing up in my WordPress.COM post editor page... After doing raincoasters fix it is gone)

  20. Yes, do it via your Dashboard tomorrow when support reopens. You'll see the Support button when they are open.

  21. Thanks. Your advice fixed a couple other things, I guess it must update something,

    Good night all and thanks.

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