My Theme appears differently on Internet Explorer than on Mozilla

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    I am currently using Travelling 1.0 by Effi as my theme but it looks off on Internet Explorer on some computers but it looks perfect on Mozilla and Safari and all computers.

    On explorer on some computers, the lines in the sidebar have shifted onto my blogs posts’ column and there is a white column extending outward on the right of my blog.

    Got any ideas?


    Each browser interprets the html a little differently and there can and will be differences in how they display. IE7 seems to be flakey and I have noticed the same thing you have regarding IE.



    A link to your blog would be very helpful or else we can only make general responses like tsp does.





    Keep in mind that it does not appear right on Internet Explorer only on some computers (i.e. mine) and not all.



    This is bound to be a width problem. I would drop the content width a bit.


    Best thing is to use a Mozilla browser when on WordPress.


    @paul Not all people have that choice.



    I would like to point out that you are asking about a blog not hosted at Please read the sticky at the head of the forum:



    In a course I took recently about multimedia arts, the professor advised us to always have more than one web browser and to view your site in each browser.

    I have found that I just need to add a few spaces before some of the word breaks. It looks fine on Mozilla and corrects the problem on Internet Explorer 7.

    Maybe it has to do with the heavier, sans serif typeface on Internet Explorer 7.


    Member is a great help as well since not all of us have access to the different OSes.

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