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My theme direction !

  1. I opened my new blog today and I found that the widgets are located at the left side while it should be at the right side.

    I tried to change the theme but only the default one support the proper direction (RTL) of Arabic , so I have no other choices.

    My blog looks wired & the dashboard problems became more !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any Ideas ?

    Thanks & sorry about my weak English :)

  2. Where precisely is your blog?
    What is the full web address??

  3. Ooooooooooooops , Sorry , I thought that my name will link to it but it link to my website.

  4. :(

  5. I had a look to many WP blogs which use the default theme & the same problem exists + the titles in blogrolls beacame tooooooooo small !!!

    Also specifying numbers for pages does not work.

    Please check its CSS file , thanks.

  6. same problem here :)
    as read here:
    there are some problems. we'll wait and see!

  7. same problem here

  8. Fixed for all of us.

    But specifying numbers for pages still useless :-( !

    OK , The main problem gone , Resolved !

    Thanks WP support team :)

  9. @msayed2004
    Good news!

    @danila and mymodemsux2
    Have the problems you reported been corrected yet?

  10. lol , minor issue : the small smiley (used for statistics stuff) became to the right , not the middle.

    @ timethief : I suppose that they were fixed (we share settings , right ?)

  11. Yes I know you share setting but felt that we ought to personally confirm with them whether their blogs are now working properly or not. ;)
    "Pedro" knows all whether he's coming from the left, right, middle or bottom
    ... lol ... knows all about your stats, I mean, of course. ;)

  12. solved! 10x!

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