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My Theme Fleur-De-Lys

  1. Actually I did release a better version of the Fleur De Lys., for wordpress 2.0.

    It is available from

    and the other thing is, the credit link is somehow missing now. once you upgrade to the latest version, it will have it I believe.

    Please upgrade.

    Sadish Balasubramanian

  2. Any Moderators seeing this at all ?

  3. Moderators yes. We're not WP staff though. :)

    I'll send in a feedback for you though.

  4. Hey sadish, nice to see you here. I saw the post about the new version on your site a few days ago and thought about updating the theme here.

    The Crave4more theme sounds interesting. Would you mind if I stole your functions.php from it (once it is released of course) to learn a few tricks for future themes I build (in exchange for all the credits you could ever ask for)? =)

  5. Sorry, I had to recode most of the theme and the credit must have gotten messed up in the footer. It is still in the admin section though.

  6. Matt,
    I know it had a lot of things to re-code.
    I did most of them at the current version i have in my site.
    i am sure this version is better. try it out please.

    I have a plan to release it to public in the near future. just wanted to make some money before that. thats all.


  7. is the right link. sorry for misspelling.

  8. andreasviklund

    Sadish: If money is your priority, then I'd be happy to make a donation to support your work and to get the chance to make my own themes better through your skills. ;)

  9. :)

    No... Money is not my motive. If it was my motive, wouldnt have born.

    I was just trying to see how many people are willing to donate for a theme with features like this.

    you can Contact me offline, so we will see how we can work together in future.

  10. victoriacarolina

    Finally a theme for me.... thanks!

  11. This is really cool theme. Only thing that I dont like is vertically centered unordered list bullet image. IMO it would be better if it were aligned to top, because centering it makes it somewhat hard to distinguish between larger list paragraphs.

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