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My theme is broken!

  1. Greets:

    It appears that some themes are not loading correctly. Please do a forced reload of the page that you are looking at to remedy the problem.


    PC - CTRL-F5

  2. Mac - shift-reload or Apple-R
    Linux - F5

    Hope this helps,

  3. We know the reason and are on the case.

    Normal service will resume soon.

  4. Beauty Mark!


  5. Thanks to Mark for the prompt reply thru email about this problem although still not working on my side after several force reload, I guess I just have to wait.

  6. Mine's down, too. I have a Mac, and tried several times. It's totally mangled.
    Glad to hear you're on the problem, Mark. Hopefully it'll all be back to normal soon. Thanks.

  7. Gosh, how Very cool! I came here to find out which wrong button I pushed after "edit" --"refresh" --blocking cookies to check, etc., etc. --cuz the header and the font went --well, you know --and now I know that you know! I'll wait quietly, till you're done. That is AH-mazing service. Thanks!


  8. As an afterthought, I wanted to ask, would it be possible for WordPress to put up a temporary "OOPS!" message--or whatever that one is that is used whenever something isn't functioning right here? At least visitors from outside WordPress would then know that it's a WordPress problem and not a poorly designed blog. Even though it might not take long to fix, in the meantime, people are finding our sites totally messed up. What say ye?

  9. I've noticed people asking for that somewhat often. The responses that I've read from WP staff to this suggestion have been less than welcoming.

  10. i know with this particular issue, it doesn't seem to be particularly consistent, so the effort of putting up an Oops message might take just as long as fixing the problem. :)

  11. disembedded - asking for what?

  12. Judy, you're probably right. By the time the "OOPS!" gets posted, the problem may be fixed. If the problem goes on for hours, though, I hope they'll consider that.

  13. yup, my page is messed up, too. reloading it doesn't fix it. i'll just wait until WP fixes it. thanks!

  14. mines as

  15. Oh, thank goodness--I just joined and I thought it was me!

    Thanks for the help--

  16. Thanks for the headsup, thought I did something wrong while editing the posts. Thanks.

  17. Me too

  18. Shock! And i thought i did something wrong. Also one of my threads is not there anymore.
    I wanted to post it at 24.03. I wrote it in advance in reason not to forget it. Now there is another Thread marked on 24.03. Hope you may fix it quickly.
    Best regards

  19. Look at it this way. Gives you something to blog about. Tell your visitors to do a forced reload of the page to get it to display correctly. :)

    @mark, he's talking about a sitewide status banner.

  20. @DrMike - the forced reload isn't working for all of us. Just FYI :-)

  21. Of course, mine is out too. Matt--that was the response to members during the time of the last lengthy outage, which occurred recently.

    Dr. Mike--Forced reloads don't do any good with mine.

  22. disembedded - I do not understand what you mean or what you are after. As the person who answers every support and every feedback if there are ideas that lighten my load and make blogger's being able to find things out faster and better, do say.

  23. Any Updates???

  24. Just curious, which template are you all using? Mine is Andreas 04.

  25. hmm...i'm using day dream and it also seems not to work correctly...didn't change the there any chance to completely reset a theme?

    edit: just saw that all my blogs are going crazy, hope you can fixt it! best wishes ;-)

  26. Using Garland here. Editing is messed up and can't post pictures. So, generally, just can't post. Probably just related to the weather.

  27. All of mine are screwed now: Regulus, Day Dream, Connections, Fjords, and Misty Look.

  28. Hello,

    thank you for the hint, I didn't knew of CTRL+F5. I kept hitting F5 :) It's looking fine again now. :)

    All the best,

  29. entomoagricola

    My blog is using Sandbox, and just now is possible to see it correctly in IE 6 and 7.0 (sometimes), but not in Firefox (to refresh does not working).

  30. My theme shows up fine in Safari but not in Firefox 2. My two other blogs are having similar header, navigation and sidebar issues. Please fix soon as my new online radio station at points to my blog and people are expecting a professional looking site.

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