My theme is broken!

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    Of course, mine is out too. Matt–that was the response to members during the time of the last lengthy outage, which occurred recently.

    Dr. Mike–Forced reloads don’t do any good with mine.



    disembedded – I do not understand what you mean or what you are after. As the person who answers every support and every feedback if there are ideas that lighten my load and make blogger’s being able to find things out faster and better, do say.



    Any Updates???



    Just curious, which template are you all using? Mine is Andreas 04.



    hmm…i’m using day dream and it also seems not to work correctly…didn’t change the css…so…is there any chance to completely reset a theme?

    edit: just saw that all my blogs are going crazy, hope you can fixt it! best wishes ;-)



    Using Garland here. Editing is messed up and can’t post pictures. So, generally, just can’t post. Probably just related to the weather.



    All of mine are screwed now: Regulus, Day Dream, Connections, Fjords, and Misty Look.



    thank you for the hint, I didn’t knew of CTRL+F5. I kept hitting F5 :) It’s looking fine again now. :)

    All the best,


    My blog is using Sandbox, and just now is possible to see it correctly in IE 6 and 7.0 (sometimes), but not in Firefox (to refresh does not working).



    My theme shows up fine in Safari but not in Firefox 2. My two other blogs are having similar header, navigation and sidebar issues. Please fix soon as my new online radio station at points to my blog and people are expecting a professional looking site.


    I’m using (Misty) the Ctrl f5 cleared up the header problem for me. Now the font isn’t working, I see that is mentioned above. 6:21 pm here in Mtl. I’ll check back later.




    I am using “Rounded” Theme and the CTRL+F5 does nothing for me.



    Well, it’s 3:30 on the West Coast and the blog is still down. Any idea when this will be remedied, or why WordPress can’t at least put up a disclaimer page, so our blogs don’t look unprofessional in the meantime? Seems after an hour of down time, that would be a good option for us happy campers. I, too, have lots of links pointing to this blog and people expect to see a professional photographer’s site.


    The “Ctrl + F5” trick worked for me in Firefox 2, with the “Rounded” template, BTW.

    However, all of the style editing buttons have gone from the “create a new post” page. :(




    Mine has been messed up for quite a while also. I agree with you wholeheartedly. When I supported this suggestion a few comments ago, you can see that response that I got from WP staff (Mark) was along the lines of…. Gee, I don’t know whatever it is that you’re talking about….



    dismembered – do not twist what I said.



    There are 700,000+ blogs here.
    The vast majority are unaffected.
    Some are affected until they refresh.
    Some are affected after a refresh.

    I have no idea how to work any sort of banner into that. Do you?



    I’m having the same problem as dyedinthewool. My page works fine now, but all of my text options for the visual mode on my writing page are gone, with the exception of the spell check and divider.


    Hi Mark. I have this problem too. I tried the F5 thing, and also turned off my computer and turned back on. My font size is still very tiny. Will it correct itself once you guys figure what is wrong? Or should I keep checking back here to see what to do?



    dismembered, for whatever it’s worth, I didn’t sense that the WP staff left a rude answer. I’ve been in a support position before, and know it can be frustrating, thankless work. When I made the suggestion to add an “Ouch” page, I didn’t realize (as I’d bet most of us didn’t) how many WordPress users were unaffected by this. It makes little sense to put a banner out there to confuse the ones whose sites look fine. I’ll wait it out; it’s not like an earthquake, just a little tremor.

    By the way, my blog is fine in Firefox, but not in Safari. Hopefully someone will update us when it’s fixed.

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