My theme isn't showing right

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    For my blog. I have been changing the template so that our archives and facebook likes can be in the sidebar. In the widgets it says sidebar and i make sure to select sidebar. But for some reason its only showing up at the very bottom of our site.

    We started with the Theme Balloons and we’re now using SemPress. Why is it that this template seems to be taking on the Balloons format when we’re trying to change what we do not like? What do I have to do in order for the sidebar to be the sidebar and not a footer. Remember. In widgets it says it is a sidebar. But its not.

    Thanks for your help. Hopefully Someone may know the answer. I worry we have to delete and restart.


    The blog I need help with is


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    I see your sidebar on the side, except when I adjust the width of the window to be very narrow so it displays below. It works correctly in both Firefox and Safari.
    Try clearing your cache and cookies:



    Thank you so much!


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