My theme keeps switching!

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    I just tried to switch my theme from the original theme “Rounded,” to the new theme “Blix.” However, sometimes when i open up my site, it still displays the “Rounded” theme, while other times it displays the new theme? Very confusing!
    I also made changes to my sidebar, and those only show up sometimes. Is WordPress having problems today, or is it me?
    Can anyone help?!
    my site is:



    I just saw Blix – have you cleared your cache? Sidebar changes are cached and take a bit to show up.


    I’m somewhat new at this. What is a cache?
    It’s very weird because sometimes i open it up and it’s the Blix theme, and then i’ll open it up again and it’s the original theme (without any of the new changes I made to the sidebar).
    thanks for your help.



    A cache is quite common in computing. It’s a saved copy of a webpage to enable faster loading the next time you visit that page. Which browser are you using? Have you closed it and re-opened it lately? If not, please try that.


    I have completely closed all programs and shut down my computer and it’s still doing that. I even called a friend to ask her to open it and she said she gets the older version, not the new one.
    also- i published a new post, but it isn’t showing up!



    My theme was buggy and wonky for a short time yesterday, so I don’t know if that’s the case with yours. There seem to be some theme upgrades going on that cause some unexpected results. Perhaps someone on staff might see this and offer some insight; otherwise, why not send a support ticket with all the information you provided here? Support’s open 9 – 5 Pacific time.

    I wish I could be of more help but I still see Blix with IE7 and it looks fine.


    Thank you so much for your help. I will contact support once they are open.
    I hope it’s just a short-lived problem.



    Should be fixed – sorry about that.

    Press ctrl and f5 on the keyboard when looking at the blog

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