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My Theme "Structure" is Screwed Up ... Help

  1. anythinghorror

    I've been using the "Structure" theme on my wordpress blog for over a year now and have never had a problem with it. Today when I tried to post an article the "Feature Image" option wasn't working. I made sure to click on the category which activates the pic (as I always do), but I can't get the Feature Image to appear on the posting. Has anyone else run into this problem? Can anyone help me fix this?

    Please feel free to contact me directly at [email redacted]. My website is


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey, I'm having the same problem and I can't update the featured posts on my blog... I tried finding support on Organic Themes forums but they only help premium users.

    My website is

    Let me know if you hear of anything!

  3. Same issue too--

  4. Yesterday there were folks who had problems with their featured images on the Structure theme. What was discovered is that they were not presizing the images to fit the constraints of the featured images allowed for by the Structure theme.

    The solution to your problem may be found in these articles:

  5. sam problem in
    all is ok but the featured image is disapperaed!!

    you can help me??

  6. I repeat. Yesterday there were folks who had problems with their featured images on the Structure theme. What was discovered is that they were not presizing the images to fit the constraints of the featured images allowed for by the Structure theme.

    The solution to your problem may be found in these articles:

  7. anythinghorror

    I've been using the Structure theme for over a year & I've never presized the images for the feature Picture. I would use any size pic & it would essentially resize it for me (or cut out whatever part didn't "fit").

    Did something change in the theme that's requiring us to presize the images now?

  8. Thanks for the help w/ the resizing issue. My question, though, is "why now?" For almost a year I've been using Structure and never needed to resize my featured image (and the image was always the same size (500x372). The 500x372 used to (until yesterday) resize upon hitting "publish." I don't mind changing the featured image size before publishing, but it seems to lead towards a new bug in the theme's code. I'm not a whiz enough to figure out what the bug may be, but it might be something worth looking into for future theme users.

  9. We Volunteers do not have an answer to the "why" question a change has ocurred. We can surmise that Themes Staff may worked on the featured image function to ensure that it operates using the dimensions required by the theme. So if you have not been presizing the featured images previously then you have an editing job to do.

  10. ok!
    the problem is actually the resizing. with 620x380 it's ok...
    but i don't understand why???

  11. I don't know why.

  12. I have adjusted my feature image to 620 x 380 and it still does not work... it is only my last few posts that do not work...


  13. This thread was previously flagged for Staff attention. If you are posting into this thread please be sure that your featured images are sized correctly.
    Then please be patient while waiting for Staff assistance.

  14. The same thing is happening on coraline. I sized an image to 770 x 140 ( and set a featured image for an article, but it is not displaying

  15. Also a featured image header on a page that used to work has now stopped working

  16. @tandava108
    Hence far we have threads with the same featured images issue on Inuit Types, Chateau, Structure and now you add Pilcrow.

  17. Is there any way to know if the folks at WordPress acknowledge and are working on this issue? It seems bizarre to hope you don't get traffic and it's approaching 24 hours now. If resizing my images actually worked, I'd be fine with that (I am using Inuit), but it hasn't.

  18. The same with my blog. What is going on?????

  19. If you are posting into this thread please be sure that your featured images are sized correctly.


  20. anythinghorror

    Resizing the Feature Image on the Structure theme isn't solving the problem. What should I try next? Do I need to find a new theme?

  21. melissabraunstein

    My main picture also suddenly disappeared today. I've been trying to follow the instructions here (, but I don't see "set featured image" anywhere.

    Also, iamsavoia -- how do you get the pictures to appear with every post on your homepage? Mine seem to only appear if you click into each post.

    Thank you.

  22. @timethief,
    I am using Coraline not Pilcrow! Also I have marked this for staff attention as we could at least do with a "we are looking into it" message!

  23. Okay, I have Structure and was freaking out a bit about it. My featured images would show up for each individual post, but not in the big featured post that appears at the top of the page.

    However, I changed the aspect ratio of my photo and it worked. I think the problem may have been that I cropped the original image before making it the featured image and hadn't been paying attention to aspect ratio previously.

    I don't know what has changed, but up until a few days ago my normal images (which are 800x500 pixel) were automatically resized to be featured images. Sometimes bits got cut off, but sometimes not.

    If I have to manually resize every featured image to 620x380, that would really suck. So I hope automatic resizing of standard-sized images continues.

    I'm at if anyone needs know that.

  24. @All:

    Featured images used to work (sort of) no matter what their dimensions (but we volunteers always recommended uploading header/featured images sized to the exact pixel dimensions the theme specifies).

    A couple of days ago, WP decided that this is a "bug", because images smaller than the proper dimensions get blown up so lose quality, so decided that smaller images should not work. But this is a very new change, so apparently they haven't sorted everything out yet. At the moment featured images in Structure will show in the homepage top area if they are the right size (620x380 pixels) or larger, but still they won't show in the single post view (if you have enabled that option).

    A note, in case there's some misunderstanding: Resizing the featured images doesn't mean using the sizing options of the post editor - these have no effect on featured images. It means creating properly sized versions of the images in an image editing application, and uploading those versions.

  25. Update on Structure: featured images will show up on the single post as well if their size is 640x392 pixels (or larger).

  26. @panaghiotisadam - really? Because when I cropped my image in the WP editor to the correct size, it showed up just fine (I had previously cropped it to something that was apparently not the correct size, so I restored the image in the editor and cropped it to the exact 620x380 size). Of course, I was editing it down from a larger file, so maybe that's why?

  27. I'm not sure I understand your question. You mean your featured image displays when viewing the single post alone although it's 620x380 instead of 640x392? Link to the post please.

  28. I know what @vintagejenta means. I have corrected two images:

    This one by creating a brand new image cropped to 640 x 392 px and attaching it to the post as a featured image (deleting the previous one before):

    This one by accessing the featured image from the Media Library, click on 'edit image', click on 'scale image' (it shows 620 x 380), write 640 in the '620' field and click 'scale'. Then I go to the post and there is the image showing up just fine:

    I like much better the second choice because is very fast, and I don't even have to edit the post, I do everything within the Media Library. I don't know if this is the correct way to do it (or if I'll have problems later because of doing it this way), I'm waiting for some update or final words from WP staff in order to begin the process of manually changing hundreds of images.

  29. @jzanella: Thanks - I know how the post editor works, but vintagejenta's response seems strange and I wanted to check a post to see what's working where.

    Your second choice will do as a quick remedy, so that you won't have to resize and reupload previous images, but WP would tell you it defeats the purpose of the change they made, which was precisely to prevent upscaling hence loss of quality. But we can put it in another way too: your solution overrides the change they suddenly imposed.

    As for "final words", why, did you hear any initial words? They made this change without any warning or announcement, and left us struggling with this. I've been testing the themes like mad trying to figure out what's working and what's not working and why...

  30. Wow ty, @jzanella... you just saved me from despair, as i'd need to re-upload about 200 images... or more? hehe
    And well @panaghiotisadam, I agree, and I also feel no featured image on the single posts is also a severe loss of quality. Yes, I'd also liked to hear some warning, i just noticed by chance as i was rather busy the last 2 weeks and couldn't blog. Thanks @all!
    Oh, links, both with the Structure theme.

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