My Theme’s Page Buttons Wrap under the Search Bar – IE 7 and Safari

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    All of a sudden, the “Volunteer” in my Misty Look theme is appearing under the search bar in Internet Explorer 7 and Safari Web Browsers. It was fine in Firefox, but before in Internet Explorer, I had no problems with making my tabs at the top all fit on one line.

    Is there something wrong with the theme?

    The blog I need help with is


    Is this the blog you are talking about ? That is a known issue with Mistylook and I know of no way to solve it other than making sure you don’t have too many pages.

    The search box stuff can be hidden with the paid CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience.



    A friend of mine organized her pages so that a blank one appeared behind the search bar. So if the sixth page is under the bar, the sixth page is just a blank. She’s using the Vigilance theme now otherwise I’d show you…


    @feartheseeds, that is a good workaround. Thanks for posting it.

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