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My thumbnail photo overlapped other widgets

  1. could you please help me with these because my thumbnail photo besides the Author link really overlapped the other sidebar widget. I was surprised to see it coz it is supposed to be small and not overlapping any other widgets. HELP

  2. Wow. That's really broken.

    I just added that widget to my blog and the pic is huge! And the title of the widget is broken in "Rounded". Instead of the title (which I changed to Authors because I thought the blank title was the problem) it shows "# %BEG_OF_TITLE%Authors%END_OF_TITLE%"

  3. wbarwiedzwieku

    same here, new design for me s.... or it is at least a bad design, bring the old one back!

  4. Is the author widget new? I don't remember it. But my memory stinks :)

  5. wbarwiedzwieku

    no it's not new.

  6. Yes, i also have the same problem too.

    it shows "# %BEG_OF_TITLE%Authors%END_OF_TITLE%", and all of a sudden it disappears. But the photo overlapping other widget is kinda not good. I hope somebody can help us.

  7. Reload your page. The title part is fixed for me. But the image is still too big. I'm leaving the widget on my blog for the time being so staff can see it.

  8. YEah youre right! Agree, let's leave it like that for the moment, maybe they could fix it! :-)

  9. The author widget is maybe a month and a half old. And earlier today it wasn't showing pictures at all. I'm sure they're working on it. Send in a Support ticket about it, though, in case staff doesn't see this thread.

  10. wbarwiedzwieku

    i hope they do.

  11. If they don't and you don't send in a support ticket, who's at fault? Send it in.

  12. wbarwiedzwieku

    i did send, and now surprise, it's working like a charm ;)

  13. what do you mean support ticket? sorry im not that good in some IT terms, or is it? :-)

  14. wbarwiedzwieku

    everything works fine now, for me at least.

  15. oh really? hmmm will check my page then.. but, it is still huge...

  16. wbarwiedzwieku

    oh gosh, in fact it is, but go to my page and u will see that it's everything ok.. weird.

  17. yeah... poor me.. Anyway, did you send letter to support team about this? Maybe I should do what you did, too.

  18. wbarwiedzwieku

    i sent to support link to this thread, and bang it works perfect. i dunno maybe u should do the same thing :)

  19. of course I will! I don't like my whole face distracting the Hug Me text widget. :-)

  20. Yours is still huge windonmyface. Mine is small now but pushed way over to the right. We're getting closer :-)

  21. hahaha yep! its really huge and some funny codes appearing too. I already sent my support ticket, too.

  22. YIPEEE, Thanks to the support team and the volunteers, and also to the members who really helped me out here. Thanks! my page and widget is back to normal. thumbs up!

  23. I'm experiencing the same issue still. I hope that users don't need to refresh the page to get the %BEG_OF_TITLE% stuff to disappear. It disappeared for me and then came back and is still there. I wonder why this is only happening to some users?

  24. I have checked your blog and i think it is back to it normal. :-)

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