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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'd appreciate some feedback on my new blog. Im generally wirting about my trips but I'll also dig deeper into photography and upload music covers as soon as I find the time - I think I need to quit my job to do everything at once :D

    Just finished my Blog about Couchsurfing in Barcelona right here and looking forward to hear some feedback! Part 2 is coming up soon hopefully :-)

    Also Id like to get some feedback on the general set up of the blog, thanks a lot guys!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Great blog! It has a very high degree of organization that I feel took a lot of effort. I particularly like the travel report's page layout. From just a glance I can see you've been all over the world! The only criticism I have is that I think it would ease navigation for visitors if the layout included a way to organize travel reports by language. As you accumulate more posts, this will help readers to find reports in their desired language more conveniently.

    This is just a small speculation which may or may not suit the style of blogging you're aiming for. Overall, your blog has a very clean aesthetic, which I like. Keep it up!

  3. Hey thanks for your input! About the languages: All upcoming reports will be in english, the first 3 are only in german because I started the blog in german but then I switched and I dont have the time to translate everything :(

  4. dribblingpensioner

    You should have a translation page for your visitors.

    I can give you a code if you want it.

  5. Nice stuff Chris. Or do I call you Mr Ontour? Slick looking site and mixing travel and photography you're bound to attract an audience. All the best with it

  6. Hey guys, finished my follow up blog on Couchsurfing in Spain!

    Couchsurfing in Spain, Part II in Mallorca

    Hope you like it aswell :)


  7. @dribblingpensionier: Didnt see your post earlier, are you talking about a PlugIn? My site runs completely without any PlugIns as I dont have my own server :o

  8. dribblingpensioner

    Its a wordpress code which you put into a new page on your header bar.
    Have a look at mine :)

  9. Ah so its just a google translation? I translated your blog to german and It didnt turn out that good, I think Ill just translate my 3 german posts someday on my own to make sure its not translated by a computer which always sounds a bit off :)

  10. I updated my Blog again:

    Elbe Sandstone Mountains

    Hope you like it :)

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