My Tumblr does not want to import?

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    Basically, my Tumblr was importing, when suddenly the Internet stopped and my page was Blank, you know, with that error message that I am not connected to the Internet. I simply refreshed the page, however, even when I restarted my laptop AND disconnected my Tumblr and cleared my information, my Tumblr still does not want to import. Help, please! My first Tumblr was terminated half a year ago and I can’t bear to lose my second one (that’s why I am backing it up here), especially after 12/17/2018 and that craziness with flagged posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @rebornandloved, this site doesn’t seem to have any imports running currently. I did find one in the queue on though.

    We’re processing quite a few imports from Tumblr today, which is causing a backlog of imports in our system. While it may look like your import failed, it’s just in line for processing. Please allow this to run for the next 24 hours, and if it hasn’t completed by then, update us here.

    You’ll want to read this too:


    It still has not imported.



    Okay. I can see nothing is running right now. We’ve made sure it’s properly reset so you can try again.

    Be sure to just leave it connected this time. It may be stuck in the queue for a while, but if you’ll let it go it will process in time.


    It still says that:

    “You can only have one running import at a time. Please wait for the current one to complete. If you need any further assistance please contact support.”


    Btw, it still says that even when I tried once again.



    Hi there,

    I see no running Tumblr import on either of the sites you mentioned above.

    It looks like an import may have since completed on, so now you should be able to start a new import if you want to.

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