My Tweetmeme button only appears after clicking the post title. help!

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    My Tweetmeme button only appears when you click the post title. I’d like for it to appear on the main post page, before clicking the post title to read more. is there anyway to do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    No there is no way to do this. It is assumed that a reader would read the entire entry before deciding whether of not the post was worthy of tweeting, or submission to any social network.


    I also have this question. If the first entry in your blog is appearing in its entirety, the reader has no reason to click on the post title. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to resolve this?

    Thank you!



    I clked into your blog’s front page and not into the post. I did not click the post title and I could see the tweetmeme button.


    yes, i figured out how to fix it. in the shortcode, you just need to specify this code within the shortcode brackets: only_single=false

    and that does the trick

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